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      1. 佛山市寶林化工實業有限公司

        Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

        What Type Of Water Based Emulsion is Suitable for You?

        On the market, there are many types of water based emulsions you can find out, but which one is better for your application? you need to be clear of the points as follow:


        1. What type of ink will you be using?

        2. What environment will you be washing out your water based emulsion?

        3. What experience level do You have with printing process? Are you a beginning user, intermediate or pro?

        4. What type of exposure unit do you have?


        All the questions above will help you save time and money in the long run. Once you have these answers, you can look at the pros and cons of each kind of emulsion and compare them to your resources and experience.

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