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      1. 佛山市寶林化工實業有限公司

        Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

        How To Make Glyceryl Rosinate?

        Glyceryl Rosinate is the important material for adhesive and food additive. When producing, crushed the rosin into small pieces and add it to the reactor, start heating, glycerol ester and zinc oxide all the time to join the reactor. If the rosin is not melted, stop the stirring. If it melts, continue to stir and continue to warm up to 270°C in 30 minutes, and then in 2h slowly to 290 & lt; 0 & gt; C. 1h before this phase is for the esterification reaction stage, 1h after the reaction gradually slowed down, when reaching 290 , continue to heat up, while opening the valve to steam the excess water and glycerol, volatile matter. And then 0.5h rise to 305 , sampling inspection, acid value below 20, the softening point above 80 , light color and transparent glyceryl rosinate are required.

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